Principles of Economics: Macro is an introduction to macroeconomic analysis. It exposes students to the basic analysis of income, employment, and price level. In addition, the course presents applications of macroeconomic theory including its use in evaluating and forming public policy. As a part of the Econ 2 team during the Winter 2017 quarter, I was responsible for creating homework and exam problems, holding office hours, and teaching two hour-long sections consisting of 30+ students each every week. 

Section material

Note: Slides are old and currently being updated. Revised notes will be posted soon.

Week 1: GDP Measurement (updated)
     Week 2: Cost of Living/MT Review
     Week 3: Production and Growth (updated)
     Week 4: The Financial System (updated)
     Week 5: Unemployment
     Week 6: MT Review
     Week 7: Money, Growth, and Inflation (updated)
     Week 8: Fiscal Policy
     Week 9: Open Economy Macro
     Week 10: Final Review

Principles of Macroeconomics by Gregory Mankiw
     Principles of Macroeconomics by Ben Bernanke and Robert Frank