Intermediate Microeconomic Theory is the first upper-division course that students majoring in Economics at UCSB are required to complete. Those who do not meet certain benchmarks upon completion of this course may not continue in the major. It extends on the concepts introduced in principles classes and further exposes students to economic theory relating to consumer choice, the theory of the firm, and competitive product markets. The course places particular emphasis on applications of theory covering topics such as utility maximization, labor-leisure and inter-temporal choice, introduction to finance, and profit maximization. I have been fortunate enough to be a part of the Econ 10A team during the Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 quarters, as well as serving as head TA during Summer 2017 session B.

Section material

Problem Sets:
We will go over all problem sets during section. As such, please attend section or office hours for solutions.
     Week 1: Problem Set 1
     Week 2: Problem Set 2
     Week 3: Problem Set 3
     Week 4: Midterm Review
     Week 5: Problem Set 4
     Week 6: Problem Set 5
     Week 7: Problem Set 6
     Week 8: Midterm Review
     Week 9: Problem Set 7
     Week 10: Problem Set 8 

Intermediate Microeconomics with Calculus by Hal Varian

Advancing in the Major:
For information regarding the requirements to be officially accepted into the Economics major at UCSB, please visit the undergraduate advising website. Students who are successful in this course typically attend all lectures, attempt the problem sets before section, and visit multiple office hours each week. This is a demanding course and necessary to become an Economics major, so plan to study quite often and budget your time accordingly. Also note that you are welcome to visit any (all) TA office hour and any section so long as seats remain and all room and building fire codes are available.